The JHL Institute began operations in Helsinki in August 2013

The new JHL Institute – for members only – began operations in mid-August 2013 at the JHL headquarters in Helsinki. JHL’s former educational institution the Raseborg College was shut down by midsummer 2013.

The JHL Institute's new, permanent premises at the JHL headquarters were finished in January 2014, and the JHL Institute is operating as a city-college. The courses are arranged at the JHL Institute's premises, accommodation is arranged in hotels nearby.

The staff of the Raseborg College transferred to Helsinki along with the Institute. Thus, familiar faces are welcoming students in Helsinki. Due to the relocation of the Institute and its staff, restaurant and catering services and property maintenance in the headquarters are provided by JHL´s own staff.


Contact information

The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Services JHL  
P.O.Box 101, 00531 HELSINKI 
Tel. +358 10 77031

Ms Anne Karjalainen
tel. +358 10 7703 447 / +358 50 341 0749  

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